We are the creators of the first COPTIC LANGUAGE true type font (1995) with automated DJINKIM, Single and Double OVERLINING and UNDERLINING.

We also participated in the International project of Coptic Fonts Standardization  CS, and invented the logic for the Djinkim, single and double Overlining and Underlining.

MENA True Type Font 
The first COPTIC LANGUAGE true type font (1995) with automated DJINKIM, Single and Double OVERLINING and UNDERLINING for use on PCs running Windows 3.1 and higher.
As the name of the font name suggests, this font is dedicated to the great Coptic martyr
MENA True Type font is a scalable font that appears in a printed document exactly as it appears on the screen. This font is based on the Coptic Alphabet's 32  Capital (upper case) characters and 32 Small (lower case) characters. Due to the fact that the Coptic language does not use standard digits for the formation of numbers, a special combination procedure is programmed to enable the user to write numbers.

Coptic Djinkim (  '  )  key will automatically adjust the space between the Djinkim and the following character. There are two Djinkim key, one for the Capital letters and one for the Small letters.

The MENA font uses one key to perform the overlining in addition to the respective character

The character grid size is set to 4096 points  X-Y ( horizontal-vertical ) for clarity and readability even in very small font sizes (6 - 8).

The minimum and the maximum size of the characters in unlimited, depending solely on the software being used.

The font can be underlined, bolded, italicized or coloured as with other true type fonts, depending on the software being used.

MENA font can be used exclusively or combined with other fonts. The numbering and djinkim procedures used for the Coptic language characters and numbers do not affect or change the characteristics of any other fonts used beside MENA font.

All the letters of the MENA True Type font can be capitalized:
Djinkim and Numbers formation:
MENA True type Font is freely available for download. You are also free to share the font with anyone provided you distribute the package as a whole and not just the font.

To download the font and documentation, click download below, UNZIP the file to a directory/folder using WINZIP or any other program of the type, then install the font the Windows normal way.
Coptic Font Standard CS
This is the project for the standardization of Coptic Fonts so as to create a unified Character Code. In other words to construct a unified system for placement of letters, djinkims, abbreviations, overlines, underlines, punctuation marks etc. on the keyboard.

The main problem rose from the lack of a unified keyboard mapping due to different goals on making keyboard mappings, some had the intention of using it in ecclesiastical purposes, others to write manuscripts, others to scan manuscripts.
Moving a document from a font to another font requires enormous effort in working with macros etc.
Incapability of reading and destruction of documents sometimes is inevitable.
A typist has to learn a new keystroke system with every new font he installs. No professional typists in the field.
To preserve a document one has to make it a picture file (*.jpeg) which is impractical for production scale and handling.
Lack of distribution of Coptic software, and fonts render thinking about Coptic as a PC hostile font.
Problems developing advanced applications using such technologies such as XML, saving text to databases.
Lack of communication among font makers, and lack of observation of each font. Lack of unity results in more separation, leading to disastrous font development.

After many months of labor, a Standard has been decided on and a sample Coptic Font has been produced. Using the Coptic Standard Font Standard arrangement, one can type all Coptic Letters(including letters in Achmimic Dialect) in almost a totally pronunciation based system that facilitates both typing & education. Also, all types of djinkims Bohairic, Sahidic, Achmimmic could be written. Arabic numerals, simple mathematical marks & modern punctuations are present. Ecclesiastical common abbreviations are present on Alt keys.

Downloads and Extras:
The CS Coptic Fonts are freely available for download. You are also free to share these fonts with anyone provided you distribute the package as a whole and not just the fonts.

Files in download package:
7 CS Coptic Fonts using same keyboard layout [ preview of fonts included].
Microsoft Word Templates for typing in Coptic [ screenshot].
PDF file explaining in detail the CS Font Project includes justification for key placement, help for new font creators.

Additional Software:

Coptic Editor for windows :
a word processor that can be used to easily type and edit in Coptic.
Microsoft Visual Keyboard
lets you see the keyboard for the language you've switched to on your screen so that you can either click the keys on your screen or see the correct keys to press to enter text. This can be downloaded for free from Microsoft if you have MS Office:
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