MENA Music box


for Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Malls and Super Markets



MENA Music Box is a unique programme that has many exciting features enabling you to play non-stop music with little effort but with full control and flexibility. The Music Box can be just the solution to many cafes, supermarkets, shopping malls, club and hotels. With the MENA Music Box you will stand out from the crowd.

The Music Box does all the hard work so all you need to do is import your music.



What makes this programme different than other music box programmes? The answer is simple, it is a FULL AUTOMATED MUSIC GROUPS system for playing NON STOP music at pre-defined times of each DAY of the week.

MUSIC GROUPS is the state of the art feature that distinguishes this music box from other music box programmes. It allows you to play and assign the SAME SONG/MEDIA FILES to as many as 24 MUSIC GROUP. These Music Groups can be edited to any to suit any mood 50's, 60's, Spanish, Disco, and occasions all year round for example, Christmas.

If your cafe/restaurant wishes to hold an Italian theme and dedicate a day just for Italian music, MENA Music Box will help you do so


MENA Music Box doesn't limit you to having one genre and assigning music only associated with this genre. This great and flexible feature of adding UN-LIMITED SONGS/MEDIA FILES to each MUSIC GROUP is demonstrated in Figure 1.

a- The FRENCH Music Group will include Songs A, C and I.

b- The ROCK & ROLL Music Group will include Songs A and H.

c- The 70s Music Group will include Songs A and J.

d- The LATIN Music Group will include Songs B, D and J.

e- The SALSA Music Group will include Songs B and J.

f- The DISCO Music Group will include Songs B, D J.

g- The RUMBA Music Group will include Song D.

h- The JAZZ Music Group will include Songs E, F, G.

i- The ITALIAN Music Group will include Song H.

j- The 80's Music Group will include Song H.

k- The SLOW Music Group will include Song I.






MENA MUSIC Box works on a continues/non-stop SEVEN DAY programme that starts on Sunday and ends Saturday. Each day is divided into USER ASSIGNED TIME GROUPS. Each day can be divided into UN-LIMITED number of user assigned Time Groups to play suitable music for that time of the day. These Time Groups are assigned to each day of the week with different programs.

This spectacular program combines the MUSIC GROUPS and the TIME GROUPS to give you FULL control over the type of music played each week-day. Your customers will never get bored as you can ADD new groups, EDIT and, DELETE existing groups at anytime of the week.

The following table shows how Sunday, Monday and Tuesday program would be:

SUNDAY is programmed to have FIVE Time Group.

In a different place, MONDAY  is programmed to have EIGHT Time Group.
The above examples are only a guideline to demonstrate how FLEXIBLE MENA Music Box is. It allows you UN-LIMITED SONGS/MEDIA FILES that can be assigned to 24 MUSIC GROUP and, a continues SEVEN DAY programme with UN-LIMITED USER ASSIGNED TIME GROUPS. You can ADD new groups, EDIT and, DELET existing groups at anytime of the week.


The programs enable you to assign Music Groups to each Time Group for each day of the week. For example, Pre: (8:00 - 10:00 am), Morning: (10:00 - 12:00pm) Afternoon: (12:00 - 19:00) Evening: (19:00 - 22:00) Night: (22:00- 8:00). You can edit the Time Group names (Green Box), times the music is played (From - To) (Blue Box) and group (music genres, e.g. soft music, salsa etc) which is illustrated below in Black Box


MENA Music Box is designed to automatically calculate the total time of your music list (Red Box). If any of the Time Group titles are in red (see above example, Evening and Night) this indicates that you do not have enough tracks in the selected Group to play against the allocated time. No need to panic as MENA Music Box will play all the tracks and will automatically shuffle and replay them for you, so it's one less thing to worry about.

MENA Music Box doesn't stop there, no! The programme gives you FULL control over the type of music played each day of the week so your customers will never get bored as you can change the Groups (Black Box) at anytime of the week-day as shown below



Supermarket: Do you have a special offer on certain products for example, buy one get one half price and want to advertise it in your supermarket?

Shopping Malls: Do you have a new store opening that you want to advertise in your shopping mall?

Restaurant/cafe: Does your restaurant/cafe have a special meal deal/new recipe that you want your customers to be aware of?
Hotels: Does your hotel have special seasonal offers? Did you expand the hotel with extra facilities such as spa and relaxation centre and want to make your customers aware of these special offers?
In-store advertising is effortless with MENA Music Box. Importing all the adverts you require will only take minutes, setting it to your frequency needs (every 5, 10, 15..... 60 minutes (Green Box) ) will take only few seconds. Your message/advert will reach your customer in an easy, simple way, giving you a trouble /worry free day and allowing you to dedicate more time to looking after your customers. Below demonstrates how this feature can be programmed.

Special Occasions:

Does you cafe hold special occasions such as birthday's and anniversaries but your music box doesn't work to your advantage? MENA Music Box can accommodate you so you wouldn't have to turn down a request for any occasion again. By simply importing the music file you need and set it to play at the desired time just before the party starts, you will never need to stop your music again. 

Once you click the occasion in the player for example Birthday, the below screen will appear showing the name of the occasion and the time.

The programme provides you up to six different occasions. These titles can also be edited to suit your every need and every occasion. See Green Box.
AUTO Start:

Again, MENA Music Box is one step ahead by integrating the Auto-Start Player, giving you the benefit of ease of mind when starting the programme knowing it will start automatically and trouble free.

MENA Music Box also gives you the flexibility to relocate where your music is stored. For example, if you C Drive is full you can change the location of where your music is stored to allow for further capacity. See red box. 

The program can be minimised to your item tray as seen below. This will help reduce the risk of accidental closure to the programme and does not use a lot of processor or memory. Therefore, you have the chance to browse your workstation freely and comfortably.

Want a break between each song? MENA Music Box can be programmed to do this. It gives you the flexibility of having up to 30 seconds time delay between each music file.
The Player:

Green Box shows the day of the week (Sunday: 15/08/2011), the current programme (Night Program), the allocated time (22:00 PM-08:00 AM), and which Music Group is currently playing (Soft Music).

Red Box shows the Program Files (0080), Program Total Time (06:21:58:96), Remaining Files (0079) and Remaining Time (06:21:25:66)

Blue Box shows the name of the track playing (Now Playing: Native American Flute), Total Time (04:54:68), Elapsed (00:33:29) and Remaining Time (04:21:38.

Black Box shows what occasions are programmed to play. (Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement, Re-Union, Success and, Wedding). By clicking on the volume you can adjust the volume of the player.

Other Features Of MENA Music Box:
MENA Music Box can support any language as long as your windows support it so you won't worry about the translation.
MENA Music Box once again gives you total flexibility and control as you can play your music tracks from a main PC and can network them on different workstations.
To a customer, maintenance of a programme is as important as the programme itself and its features. Therefore MENA Music Box has recognised the importance of this and integrated into the program to diagnose and fix any database errors that occur. Therefore you wouldn't need to install extra programmes to maintain MENA Music Box. One click and MENA Music Box will identify exactly what errors have occurred and will fix it to the best of its ability keeping your programme running as smooth as possible.
System Requirements:
The following hardware and software are required to run the program:
MENA Music Box allows you a fully working 30 day/60 START-UP/ RUN TIMES FREE trial.
When your free trial expires, it is very simple to register for the full version of the programme as you will not be required to re-install the program. Upon you receiving the authorization code and entering it in the Registration Form, you can once again enjoy all the MENA Music Box features to the max.